Skillet Corn Recipe

by Ann-Marie on June 30, 2013

Skillet Corn Recipe |

Indianapolis is known for the Colts, the Pacers, and the 500.

Indiana is known for corn.

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Salsa Me Krazy: Quick & Tangy Egg Muffin Recipe

by Ann-Marie on March 6, 2013


My 3rd grade daughter just started ISTEP testing this week, so to try and give her a different protein source for her breakfast than the standard scrambled eggs, I tried something different!

Last weekend I gave a trial run of this recipe that I’ll call a Quick & Tangy Egg Muffin. It uses Salsa Me Krazy which is a sweet, tangy salsa that uses all-natural, American-grown ingredients and no artificial preservatives.

The “quick” part of the recipe is that I cooked the egg in the microwave (What?! I know!!). Not that eggs take a long time in the skillet, but to make a great round little egg patty for the sandwich, it just works so well this way.

Ingredients for 1 Quick & Tangy Egg Muffin:

Easy peazy directions:

Using a 1-cup round glass dish (I use this Pyrex one), spray the bottom with non-stick cooking spray. Crack egg and scramble with fork in glass dish. Add in 1-2 tsp milk, if desired. Cook uncovered for 1 minute on high in the microwave. You’ll notice it puffs up, then lays back down in a lumpish sort of way, kind of like how I feel on Mondays:


Toast your English muffin and spread with a little butter. Lay the egg on the bottom, top with Salsa Me Krazy and sprinkle with cheese.

You can find out more about my first Salsa Me Krazy experience, and purchase a jar to try for yourself at In fact, the entire month of March you can purchase as much as you like for 30% off! No promo code required, just head here to purchase and the discount will be automatically applied. Enjoy!

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This post contains affiliate links and was sponsored by Salsa Me Krazy. All opinions are 100% mine. Eating a Quick & Tangy Egg Muffin will not improve your child’s ISTEP scores. Or maybe it will. I don’t really know, but figured I should still include that in a disclaimer so you don’t come after me if your kid scores poorly. See my disclosure policy for more information.


Maybe it’s because I have been blogging Christmas deals since mid-November, or maybe it’s because stores have been playing Christmas music and selling their holiday wares since October, but I feel like Christmas is coming up fast, and I’m so not ready! Our house is 70% decorated indoors, and only 25% outdoors. Shopping is 50% done. Baking, something I truly enjoy, was 0% until today when I made these absolutely delicious Brown Sugar Shortbread cookies.

Several times this year I have had the privilege to share some recipes, tips and fun facts as a Table Talk contributor for Indiana’s Family of Farmers. I enjoy cooking and baking not just for my own family, but to share with others. Whether it’s a for a friend with a new baby, someone who is ill, or just because (which is my favorite), it brings me great joy to share meals and treats with others.

Indiana’s Family of Farmers┬ásent me an array of wonderful baking tools, and a couple of them came in handy for baking these cookies today:
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