Friday Freebies on B105.7: Free 8×8 Photo Book, Nescafe Sticks and Disney Movie Rewards!

If you missed my Friday Freebies this morning on B105.7, here’s the rundown!

  • If you’re a member of Disney Movie Rewards, enter the code MACINTOSH to score 10 points toward FREE Disney movies and other fun prizes. The code expires today (7/20/12). If you’re not a member you can signup for free. Find more ways to earn rewards like this one!

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Find even more deals I’ve talked about on B105.7 recently! Some may still be available!

Tune in next Wednesday morning for more money-saving tips & deals on B105.7 during Sean Copeland’s morning show! And be sure to follow me on Twitter and “Like” my Facebook page so you don’t miss a deal!

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