Nature-themed Birthday Party

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My daughter turned 7 a few days ago, and we celebrated with a party at a local nature preserve. The setting was perfect, the weather couldn’t have been better, and I think all the kids had a great time.

The party package included a campfire and activities led by a nature guide, and he led us into the woods for a short walk and shared about all kinds of forest animals. This little guy above was a surprise find, and it was my daughter who noticed him (her?). We learned about left-handed snails (the opening to the shell is on the left) and right-handed snails (the opening is on the … you guessed it).

Party Favors

I am not a huge fan of treat bags full of plastic trinkets. I’ve done it before, but whenever possible I try to offer something useful, consumable and if at all possible, memorable.

I wish I could have had my mind together to snap pictures of Mallory’s party favors, but in the craziness of the afternoon it just didn’t happen. So I’ll just have to tell you about it!

I created a “Friendship Trail Mix“, consisting of Cheerios, Craisins, mini-marshmallows, Mini-M&M’s and sunflower seeds. I opted to leave out peanuts rather than having an ambulance ruin the party in case of an allergic reaction. Although I’m sure the kids would have thought that was way cool.

I scooped the trail mix into ziplock bags, and tied it up with leftover burlap cut into 15″ squares. My mom was a big help tying the ends up, and placed a red, white & blue silly straw stuck down the middle. I also found child-size butterfly nets on clearance at Hobby Lobby for just 68¢ each!  So we handed each child the Friendship Trail Mix and a butterfly net as a favor from the party. A couple of boys used their butterfly nets as light sabers, but to each his own.

While our party favors weren’t necessarily eco-friendly, I did see some cute ideas on Kiwi Magazine’s website when I was researching nature-themed party ideas.


  1. Jill Young says

    Hi there,
    I was searching for ideas for nature-themed parties and this popped up. The funny thing is I am trying to plan my daughter’s 7th birthday just as you did, and we live in the Chattanooga Area. I was curious if you could tell me where you had her party. Thanks so much, and great blog!

    Jill Young

    • Ann-Marie says

      Hi Jill! Welcome! Thanks for your comment. We live super close to a Nature Preserve, and through my town’s Parks Dept they offer birthday parties such as what we did for my daughter! You might check with your town’s Parks Dept to see if a nearby park, playground or nature preserve offers similar packages – or even if they just rent a shelter space and you DIY :) Good luck!

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