Today’s Tips on B105.7: Saving at Target

by Ann-Marie on January 28, 2015

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If you missed my money-saving tips this morning on Indianapolis’ B105.7, here’s the rundown!

So I was checking out an article that Sean shared on great things to buy at Target, and I thought I would expand and give a reminder of a few of the ways to save at Target.

  • The “$1 Spot” at Target is a great place to find seasonal items, mostly for kids but a few things for the home as well. Right now you’ll find Valentine’s Day and a few Easter decorations and crafts, and most items are only $1, but they do have small sections that are $3 and $5. A few times a year the Target Cartwheel app will have an extra 5 or 10% off anything purchased in the Dollar Spot section.
  • Don’t forget to check your weekly Target mobile coupons. This week you can save $2 when you buy $10 or more in fresh produce, fresh bakery or at the deli counter.
    • Text “OFFERS” to 827438 to opt-in for weekly mobile coupons.
    • Bonus mobile coupons: Text “THANKS” to 827438 (exp 2/18)
    • Bonus mobile coupons: Text “SNACKS” to 827438 (exp 2/18)

Target mobile coupons

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Toss It Out Tuesday | Kids’ Pencil Drawer

by Ann-Marie on January 27, 2015

We’re fortunate to have a small desk area off our eat-in kitchen (a popular concept for late ’80s construction); and when we moved here, we intended to use this space for the kids to do their homework. Then, clutter happens. The counter area becomes littered with school papers, charging cords and other random items; and what had started out as our kids’ pencil drawer turned into this hot mess:

And this is relatively not-that-bad. What you can’t quite see in the photo is it’s a very deep drawer, and in the back I found loads of expired pizza coupons, paper clips, and a whole lot of itty bitty dust bunnies.

It’s another edition of Toss It Out Tuesday! As I introduced previously, the concept is simple.

  • Have 6 bins, boxes or bags labeled Donate, Move, File, Sell, Recycle and Trash.
  • Pick an area of your home to begin with – even a small space, such as a linen closet is a great way to begin!
  • Start tossin’.

Toss It Out Tuesday

This week’s decluttering mission was for my kids’ pencil drawer, so I could get a basic inventory of what we have, what needs to be tossed, donated and moved.

When I started pulling out each and every item, I couldn’t believe all that could be packed into one drawer. What you can’t see very well because it’s white, but I find hilarious, is one single Barbie shoe (but we know where that goes now).

I mean, seriously … how many pencils do three children need?

Quick & easy way to declutter a kids' pencil drawer, with this week's organization mission, Toss It Out Tuesday!

Many times at restaurants, the kids have received a mini box of crayons to color with, and to take home. And if you know this routine, how many times after coming home, did your kids ever use those crayons again? Yep, that’s what I thought. So we’ve collected them.

While my update is a bit light this week (after last week’s larger project!), I did accomplish one decluttering task, and for that I’m thankful. Here’s what I did:

  1. Donate: Seven mini boxes of crayons.
  2. Move: Crayons, markers and colored pencils were moved to larger separate storage bins, leaving only pencils for the kids’ pencil drawer. If those new bins were a bit more shallow they would fit nicely in the drawer, but alas, they don’t.
  3. File: Nada.
  4. Sell: Absolutely nothing in that drawer is worth selling.
  5. Recycle: Expired coupons and other miscellaneous papers.
  6. Trash: Lots of baby fuzz balls, and about 16 pencils that didn’t make the cut. Sadly, including Junior.

Your Turn!

Here’s your last turn in January to share what you tossed during the last week! Leave a comment below, sharing what you tossed (into any of the categories above). Everyone who comments on the Toss It Tuesday posts each week will be entered into a monthly drawing for a fun prize! Did you miss what all the wackiness is about? Read about Toss It Tuesday, and keep the fun going by following along on Facebook!

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Quick & easy way to declutter a kids' pencil drawer, with this week's organization mission, Toss It Out Tuesday!


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Slaying the Debt Dragon | Book Review & Giveaway

by Ann-Marie on January 26, 2015

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Your faith can overcome a financial crisis. Learn how one family slayed their debt dragon of $127k in just four years.
It is one thing to talk the talk.

You see this splashed across headlines: “Couple pays off $67,000 in debt in 18 months”, and you read on to learn it’s a get-rich-quick scheme, or they scrounge their neighbor’s trash to find things to sell for cash. Dig deeper, and you find it’s all just ‘talk’.

Cherie and Brian Lowe walk the walk.

Through hell and high water, thick and thin, brown baggin’ and no-meat months, they slayed their debt dragon of $127,482.30 in just four years.

And they want to share with the world their inspirational story, with practical advice everyone can dig in to, to help dig themselves out.

Read on for the giveaway