Ultimate DIY Bundle | $1200 in DIY Books & Classes for $34.95

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by Ann-Marie on January 21, 2015

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If you're into sewing, photography, gardening, home decor and more - get the Ultimate DIY bundle only through Jan. 26th, $1200 in eBooks and classes for only $34.95!
2015 is my year to do more for myself, for my family, for my home and for my businesses.This Ultimate DIY Bundle could not have come at a better time.

To help light that spark … that vision toward something better and brighter, I’m investing in ME this year! I have already begun setting aside a couple of hours each week for training, e-courses and reading books authored by some of my favorite bloggers and businesspeople.

If we can’t learn from one another … then why are we here?

If you’re ready to rediscover your creative side, light that spark in 2015, then listen up…

Ultimate DIY Bundle

Ultimate DIY BundleThe Ultimate DIY Bundle is hot off the press today, and only available until January 26th!

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Toss It Out Tuesday | Bookshelf Clutter

by Ann-Marie on January 20, 2015

Do you have a bookshelf that’s a cluttered mess? Here are easy organization tips to help you declutter with Toss It Out Tuesday!

I barely squeaked by to get this Toss It Out Tuesday post written while it was still Tuesday! But as you can see from the photo above, I’ve been busy!

Do you have a bookshelf that’s a cluttered mess? With this week’s Toss It out Tuesday, I give you 4 easy steps to declutter that hot mess!

As I introduced previously, the concept for Toss It Out Tuesday is simple.

  • Have 6 bins, boxes or bags labeled Donate, Move, File, Sell, Recycle and Trash.
  • Pick an area of your home to begin with – even a small space, such as a bookshelf is a great way to begin!
  • Start tossin’.

Toss It Out Tuesday

These bookshelves are in our home office, which is an absolute wreck. It’s our catch-all room, where we toss those bags of clutter when our guests are coming in 15 minutes!

The problem is that our home office is right inside the front door, visible by everyone who steps inside. It’s embarrassing, but what I’ve found is … I’m not alone.

Here are 4 easy organization tips I’ve found to be SO helpful, when I’m ready to tackle massively cluttered spaces like my bookshelves:

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Living Social Coupon Code | Save 15% on Any Deal

by Ann-Marie on January 16, 2015

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Living Social coupon code

Living Social Coupon Code

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