How to Write a Media Kit Ebook

How to Write a Media Kit Ebook

During June, I made one of the smartest business decisions I could have possibly made this year, by attending a blogging conference called Savvy Blogging Summit. The tools I learned I have slowly begun incorporating into Chaos Is Bliss, and the support of new blogger friends from across the country has been both inspirational and humbling.

One such new friend is Kelly Snyder. I attended her workshop on How to Write a Media Kit, and let me tell you I was blown away! I took pages upon pages of notes, gleaning every ounce of her marketing know-how I possibly could in the hour she spoke.

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I’d like to take a second, or about 5 minutes, to write a little bit about a new club I’ve joined.

Karing Card Club

As a blogger, I’m in a few different Facebook groups, and for the most part everyone is so very helpful and supportive. If you have a tech issue, ask it and you’ll get a few responses of things to try. Excited that a brand wants to talk with you about a campaign? Many congrats and tips from others who may have worked with that brand. Upsetting comment from a reader? You better believe your cyber-friends will have your back.

But most of us are women, and, well, (I can say this as a woman) you know how women can be. [click to continue…]

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Tap tap tap … Is This Thing On? [Facebook Woes]

by Ann-Marie on October 19, 2012

You may have read some rumblings that Facebook is making it really difficult for fans to see their favorite pages. Facebook is wanting businesses – even individuals – to pay, literally, to promote their posts to more of their own readers. (Payola anyone?). And when we don’t pay to promote our posts, we are downgraded to just a bare minimum reach.

It’s disheartening that I work hard to write posts and when they publish to my Facebook page, as little as 1% of my fans are seeing my updates in their newsfeeds.

So if you have a Facebook account and would like to see Chaos Is Bliss posts in your newsfeed – including the day’s deals, last minute free sample notices and other hot news that may not make it to a blog post, may I ask you to do one simple task?

  • On the Chaos Is Bliss Facebook page, hover over the “Like” button (if you haven’t yet liked it, that would technically be the first step ;)
  • Click on “Add to Interest Lists“.

Simple enough?

Thank you so much!  Feel free to leave a comment with your own Facebook “woes”!


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