Today’s Tips on B105.7: Secret Clinical $1 at CVS (reg $10) + More Deals

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by Ann-Marie on June 5, 2013

Secret Clinical $1 at CVS

Secret Clinical $1 at CVS

If you missed my money-saving tips this morning on Indianapolis’ B105.7, here’s the rundown!

  • And if you saw the Office Max ad in your Sunday paper with the big 20% off coupon on the front, here’s a tip for you, you can even use it on tablets and E-readers but you have to take it into the store, those items are excluded from online purchases. I just tried this out for myself and bought a new Kindle Fire for my oldest daughter’s birthday for $159.

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Can you believe there are good citizens that throw out their CVS receipts which have Extra Care Bucks on them?!  People, puh-lease!  Look at your CVS receipt and take notice if you have free money attached.  Stand with me and take the pledge not to be a MoneyTrasher! When you do, you’ll earn $2 in Extra Care Bucks via email within 24 hours.

Offer expires 11/11/11.

Thanks, Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free!


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If you missed my money-saving tips this morning on B105.7, here’s the rundown!

Flash Sales at Target & Meijer:

By now you’re surely familiar with the multitude of options for “flash sales“. They’re here for a day, usually with free shipping, then they’re gone. What you may not know is that both Target and Meijer have their own versions.

Target’s Daily Deals:
Shop Daily Deals at Always Free Shipping.

Meijer’s Big

You certainly can find some deeply discounted products, and you can’t beat the free shipping offers. But I’d caution you to do your research, make sure the item is in fact at the best price you’ve seen, and that it’s something you were looking to buy anyway. Otherwise you’re buying on impulse, like I do when I see Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, lol!


CVS Extra Care Bucks

When you have a CVS Extra Care card, you can get all kinds of savings plus earn Extra Care Bucks (ECB) on your next purchase.

If you’re a contact lens wearer, they have Bausch & Lomb Renu Sensitive Solution for $7.89.

  1. Head to Renu’s website and print a $2 off coupon
  2. Present the Renu coupon and your Extra Care card at the register with your Renu product. You’ll pay $5.89 + tax at the register out-of-pocket (OOP).
  3. On the bottom of your receipt you’ll have $6 in Extra Care Bucks to use on your next transaction.

They also have Paper Mate Grip pens, an 8-ct package for $1.99, with $1.99 back in ECB for your next visit.

I have a slight issue with saying it’s “free” or a “moneymaker”. You will pay out of pocket initially in order to receive the Extra Care bucks. But providing there’s not a long line behind you, and you have other shopping to do, you can (politely, please) request to split your shopping up in 2 (or more if you have a REALLY nice cashier!) transactions. Apply the ECB you received on the first purchase, to the 2nd transaction, and see how quickly your OOP will go down on that subsequent purchase. I have even purchased a gallon or two of milk at CVS as my 2nd transaction, to get it nearly free after using the previous ECB.

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