Mini Marathon Expo

If you missed my Friday Freebies this morning on B105.7, here’s the rundown!

  • I’d love to encourage everyone to go downtown today and take in all the free festivities at the Mini Marathon expo. It’s at the Indiana Convention Ccenter until 9:00 tonight. Bring the whole family to enjoy a race simulator and other interactive activities. As a sponsor of the Mini Marathon, McDonald’s will have a “Farm to Table” exhibit where you can learn more about where McDonald’s food products come from. I’m looking forward to my first mini marathon experience, just the 5K portion – baby steps y’know.
  • And after the weekend’s over, Monday May 5th is otherwise known as Cinco De Mayo, and you can stop into any participating Moe’s Southwest Grill location for a free guac!

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500 Festival Mini Marathon

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. Congrats Marc R.!

After catching my daughter’s cold (which I’m still working to rid my body of), I slowed down my progress toward getting fit for the OneAmerica 500 Festival 5K. I could barely get through a sentence without coughing, so running didn’t really agree with me.

So I walked.

And I walk.

And I walk.

Walking seems to be agreeing with me, and with my lungs.  I’ve also stepped up my fresh fruits (I’m not even gonna lie and say I’ve stepped up vegetables, because, ugh). And I’ve stepped down late night snacking, which is totally my weakness. (Kids in bed = snacktime and mommy juice.)

If you’ve been pitched by companies offering shakes and nutrition supplements, know that you CAN get fit without any of that. The basic premise of watching what you eat + exercise has worked for millions of people over time, so why would I want to spend my kids’ college savings on putting a scoop of this into that and shaking the fat right off. Seriously.

My progress toward the 5K is not where I’d like it to be, and I blame my daughter my cold. I really wanted to be able to run the entire 3.1 miles, and while that’s a walk in the park for many, it’s just not for me. So my plan has shifted to the reality of a part-run, part-walk 5K. And for only being my 2nd 5K to ever participate in, it’s a slow go, but I’m ok with that.

I will press on with my Couch to 5K app, my once-a-month personal trainer, and when the rain lets up, get out for a run a couple times this week.

Because – OH MY GOODNESS – it’s this Saturday!


Are you participating in the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon in any capacity? Runner, walker, volunteer, or otherwise cheerer-on?  I’d like to hear from you!

Leave a comment to be entered to win some fun gear courtesy of McDonald’s of central Indiana, including a McDonald’s Mini-Marathon t-shirt, pedometer, water bottle and more. This giveaway is open to Indiana residents ages 18 and older. Winner will be chosen at random using And The Winner Is… and will be contacted by email. Winner will have 24 hours to respond before another winning name will be drawn.

The contest is open starting NOW, and ends at midnight Wednesday 4/30/14. Good luck!

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This post is sponsored by McDonald’s of Central Indiana. I was provided with OneAmerica 500 Festival 5K registration and McDonald’s swag in exchange for my participation in this campaign. For more info please see my disclosure policy.


OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon

I have only ever participated (because I can’t really say “ran”) in one 5K ever, and that was on a bitter cold day last November for the Ugly Sweater Run. A few Indianapolis women bloggers decided to bundle up and brave the elements (it was FREAKING COLD) and run, walk, run/walk, and meander our way through downtown Indianapolis, looking fun and festive in our ugliest of Christmas sweaters, thanks much to Emily’s “Junky Brilliance” ugly sweater store:

Ugly Sweater Run with Indianapolis women bloggers

I have not been much of the workout type. Two summers ago I participated in a team challenge with a personal trainer, and I was purposeful and diligent, and I lost about 10 lbs and one size. For me, that was pretty good! And then, the challenge was over. And like you’ve heard a million times before, I didn’t stick with it, so those 10 lbs came right back on.

May 3rd I will be participating (still not ready to say “running”) in the OneAmerica 500 Festival 5K, and I have begun “training”.

It is a slow go.

I used “training” in quotes, because it’s laughable that I would even call what I’m doing “training”. As a work-from-home mom with a preschooler still at home, my time is limited. I could seriously give you even more excuses than that, but we’ll just leave it there. And really most people don’t train for a 5K. They can run 3.1 miles like it’s a warm-up. Well, not me. Maybe one day, but it can seem a long way off.

For now, I’m doing what I can.

Larry and I ended our gym membership because neither of us was going, and at $70-something a month, that’s a high price for nothing.

So then my amazing and inspiring friend Jenn became a certified personal trainer, and I hired her to create a home plan for me, with the following parameters:

  • Our sessions could only be once a month, and I am accountable for following Jenn’s plan in between sessions
  • I had to use the few tools and equipment I have (which ain’t much), without buying much more
  • I had to be able to exercise in my basement, or weather permitting outdoors, but sticking close to home because much of the time Carlie would be with me

And you know what? It’s a slow go, but it’s working for me.

I’m admittedly not exercising 3x/week as the plan calls for, but when I do, I push myself to get my heartrate up, and on some off-days when I can leave the house, I’ll go for a walk/run with my Couch to 5K app.

Be on the lookout over the next three weeks for more parts to this journey of getting fit for the OneAmerica 500 Festival 5K.

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This post is sponsored by McDonald’s of Central Indiana. I was provided with OneAmerica 500 Festival 5K registration and McDonald’s swag in exchange for my participation in this campaign. For more info please see my disclosure policy.

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