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10 Must-Haves for a Summer Picnic

One of my husband’s and my favorite things to do in the summer is to see the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra play in the outdoor amphitheater at Conner Prairie, known as Symphony on the Prairie. We bring a picnic, lawn chairs and a blanket and curl up under the stars for a night of beautiful music.

To be honest what I enjoy as much as the music and atmosphere, is our picnic. Sometimes we go with another couple, always without children – love them dearly, but let’s be honest – sometimes kids can spoil a romantic date.

Indiana’s Family of Farmers┬ásent me a wonderful array of picnic-perfect must-haves, and by adding in my own favorite picnic tools into the mix I thought it would be fun to share with you my…

10 Must-Haves for a Summer Picnic

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Maybe it’s because I have been blogging Christmas deals since mid-November, or maybe it’s because stores have been playing Christmas music and selling their holiday wares since October, but I feel like Christmas is coming up fast, and I’m so not ready! Our house is 70% decorated indoors, and only 25% outdoors. Shopping is 50% done. Baking, something I truly enjoy, was 0% until today when I made these absolutely delicious Brown Sugar Shortbread cookies.

Several times this year I have had the privilege to share some recipes, tips and fun facts as a Table Talk contributor for Indiana’s Family of Farmers. I enjoy cooking and baking not just for my own family, but to share with others. Whether it’s a for a friend with a new baby, someone who is ill, or just because (which is my favorite), it brings me great joy to share meals and treats with others.

Indiana’s Family of Farmers┬ásent me an array of wonderful baking tools, and a couple of them came in handy for baking these cookies today:
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This week has been an “Aaah” kind of week. My two older kids are finishing their 2nd full week of school, and my youngest has started preschool. Need I say more?

This is my New Normal.

Four days a week, I now have about 3.5 hours completely to… myself? Hmm, let me think on that one:

What My Husband Thinks I Do

  • Blog. Play on Facebook. NOT clean the house.

What My Kids Want Me To Do

  • Go through toy catalogs searching for the price of whatever they’ve been asking for.
  • Research hamsters and bunnies, their ideas of the next family pets.
  • Coordinate playdates for every day that ends in “y”.

What I Do When The Kids Leave

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