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Ft. Myers, FloridaLike countless other Midwesterners, my family trekked to Florida for Spring Break last week. We visited my parents in Ft. Myers, and my husband and I were even able to leave the kids with Nana & Grandpa and take an overnight jaunt to Key West.

For the most part, our trip was super fun and we enjoyed a couple of beach days (our last two days were rainy, so we were glad to get in the beach days right from the start) and family fun.

But there were definitely some hiccups that either caused us to laugh or scratch our heads, or make us think we were the only sane people on the planet.

So throughout the week I made a couple of notes on my phone so I wouldn’t forget, and where I could, I snapped pictures. Such as this first one.

1. Asinine Move of the Day

Smoking near a gas pumpWould anyone care to take a guess which state we were in, seeing a man smoking within 8 feet of a gas pump? Mmm-hmm, that’s right. While it could happen anywhere, this happened in Kentucky. My dad was born and raised in Kentucky, so he was the first one I was tickled to show the photo to. Now I haven’t read the little signs posted at pumps closely enough, maybe 8 feet is a perfectly acceptable radius of a lit cigarette from a fuel pump, but I kinda think it’s a bit asinine, myself.

2. Thirsty Calves

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by Ann-Marie on October 25, 2011

Things sometimes have an unexpected way of turning out.

My family drove to sunny Orlando to spend a week at Disney World. I brought my laptop, even paid 2-day shipping to have a new laptop bag delivered in time before we left.

We are having a deliriously happy time and my 3 kids are over the moon with their vacation so far.

I had hoped to continue writing at least a few posts while we were gone, however reason #29 why we’re not pleased with our hotel choice (more on that next week in my trip report!) is they don’t offer free wi-fi. As a newbie to laptops, it never occurred to me I could be in a hotel which caters to the business class, and not have free wireless internet access.

I apologize and hope you understand, I just am not willing to pay $9.95 per 24 hours to have access.  Am I the only one who thinks that’s nuts?

So I’ll close now, because my thumbs are becoming as weary as my feet from typing this post on my smart phone.

Stay tuned, next week I’ll be back in full force!  Thank you for your patience, understanding and loyalty!

~ Ann-Marie

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