Easy Way to Pit Cherries (Video How-to)

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Life is a Bowl of Cherries

Fresh cherries are such a treat in summertime! I don’t mind (too much) my kids’ fingers getting sticky and blood-red with cherry juice, because they’re enjoying such a highly nutritious fruit. The only factor that makes them not so fun, is the process of pitting cherries. Last summer my mom gave me a Cherry Chomper – it almost looks like an As Seen On TV kitchen gadget, but I’m here to share with you, it works! And the kids can use it safely.


Easy Way to Pit Cherries

Easy way to pit cherries
First you’ll want this kitchen gadget:

  • The Cherry Chomper runs $13.99 on Amazon, and ships free on orders over $35.

Remove stems, wash cherries and shake excess water off. I use the soft side of a reversible Veggie & Fruit cloth when I’m not purchasing organic produce, to remove any wax, chemicals or debris.

Place a single cherry in the middle of the Cherry Chomper “belly”. Push down firmly on his (?) head, and thump! The cherry pit drops down into the clear base. Remove the cherry and pop into your mouth!


  • Want to give it a-go? Purchase the Cherry Chomper here.

And to show you how simple it was, here’s a quick video I made to demonstrate that it’s super easy to pit cherries!


Easy way to pit cherries

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