Tap tap tap … Is This Thing On? [Facebook Woes]

by Ann-Marie on October 19, 2012

You may have read some rumblings that Facebook is making it really difficult for fans to see their favorite pages. Facebook is wanting businesses – even individuals – to pay, literally, to promote their posts to more of their own readers. (Payola anyone?). And when we don’t pay to promote our posts, we are downgraded to just a bare minimum reach.

It’s disheartening that I work hard to write posts and when they publish to my Facebook page, as little as 1% of my fans are seeing my updates in their newsfeeds.

So if you have a Facebook account and would like to see Chaos Is Bliss posts in your newsfeed – including the day’s deals, last minute free sample notices and other hot news that may not make it to a blog post, may I ask you to do one simple task?

  • On the Chaos Is Bliss Facebook page, hover over the “Like” button (if you haven’t yet liked it, that would technically be the first step ;)
  • Click on “Add to Interest Lists“.

Simple enough?

Thank you so much!  Feel free to leave a comment with your own Facebook “woes”!


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